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Podtalk - Episode 5 - About Dance, Pets, & Other things
October 25, 2016 01:08 AM PDT
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In this fabulous episode we talk about Lauren's experiences with dance, the experience of owning a pet and other thought provoking topics.

Hope you enjoy this short episode as our musical instrument of the day is the ukulele! Enjoy!

Podtalk-Episode 4 - All about Disney
October 25, 2016 12:22 AM PDT
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Welcome back fans! In this episode we cover some current events and talk about one of our favourite topics, Disneyland!

We review Disneyland (Los Angeles), Disney World, Disney Paris, and Disney Hong Kong!

We share some amazingly funny jokes with you (sorta funny anyways), and Lauren brings unique new music to our podcast with her trusty guitar! Don't miss this exciting episode, because it just won't last (actually it probably will unless we decide to delete it, but then it would ruin our podcast number system, which would be painful, so never mind, hahaha).

So don't say we didn't do anything for you today, because we did, and we worked tirelessly overtime to keep you happy. Isn't that enough? Do you want fries with that? hahahaha. Anyways, keep smiling, while we keep podcasting and be sure to subscribe! Cheers, Winston & Lauren smiley

PodTalk - Episode 3 - Paris Vacation - Top 10 Things to Do
October 23, 2016 12:12 AM PDT
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Bonjour! In our third episode of PodTalk with Winston & Lauren, this dynamic dad and daughter duo continue on their journey to entertain you.

This episode we talk about our recent trip to Paris and list off our top 10 things to do while you're there.
Learn more about the Louvre, Palace of Versaille, Eiffel tower and more!

Hope you enjoy this travel episode! Cheers from Winston & Lauren.

PodTalk - Episode 2 - More fun!
October 22, 2016 11:33 PM PDT
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Welcome to our 2nd exciting episode of PodTalk with Winston & Lauren! In this episode we discuss TV shows, movies, current events and much more.

We introduce some musicality into our podcast with a music synthesizer, so join us and we hope you enjoy listening to our latest creation, for listeners, just like you! Cheers, Winston & Lauren

Be sure to check out a few of Lauren's other blogs here:



PodTalk- Episode 1 - Introduction to Winston & Lauren
October 20, 2016 09:24 PM PDT
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Welcome to our first episode of Podtalk with Winston & Lauren!!

It's our goal to bring you a fun and exciting podcast with dad and daughter duo, Winston & Lauren where we discuss tv shows, movies, current events, and just keep you entertained on your long drive home.

Join us for your lively adventures and discussions about just about anything from current events, movies, tv shows, and nostalgia, entertainment tonight, and video games! We'll share stories, jokes and recipes on your road home. Have fun and hope you enjoy our podcast! Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date!

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